Below, you will find cost calculator for parcels sent through our website. For those customers who send parcels directly to our headquarters located in Port Reading, NJ; as well as those who make online purchases in stores in the USA.

Attention! Prices below are only for people who are sending packages using USPS, UPS or FEDEX to our headquarters in Port Reading, New Jersey. This service is meant for those customers who are doing their shopping in online stores and sending their packages directly to Port Reading, NJ, and for those who do not have an Authorized Shipping Outlet close by.

To provide the best service possible we are working with UPS. We have a special rate prepared for those who live in United States to mail your packages to our central location in New Jersey.
You can mail you package directly from our website and the UPS driver will pick it up from your home, or you can drop it off at the nearest UPS location.

The cost of transportation vary depending on city and state where you will mail your parcel. In order to obtain the shipping costs please contact the nearest Authorized Shipping Outlet. You can find the Authorized Shipping Outlet listing HERE.

You need to input weight and measurements of your parcel (if there are bigger than suggested by us). Our system will generate the approximate cost.

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To receive a UPS shipping estimate from your US address to our Port Reading, NJ warehouse, please enter your zip code in the field below.
*Please note, the UPS pickup option is not available for online shopping.

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Type Name Cost Delivery Time
Volume parcels - shipments of volume of 0.4m3 and greater.
Pickup from WHS - parcels need to be picked up from warehouse in Czestochowa.

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