Parcel Cost Calculator

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Price subject to change if cargo arrives with different dimensions from quoted. Final price depends on accurate size and weight measured in Polonez warehouse.

Shipment type
Type Name Delivery time Cost

Volume parcels - shipments of volume of 0.4m3 and greater.
Pickup from WHS - parcels need to be picked up from warehouse in Czestochowa.

Repackaging/grouping parcels into one larger parcel$4 for every additional repacked parcel
Repackaging/dividing larger parcel to several smaller$4 for every new parcel
Keeping parcels for over 14 days (2 weeks)$1 for each day for each parcel
Adding more boxes$2 each for every new box needed
Removal tags, stickers, etc. from the items$0.5 for every item
Removal documents from the parcel$0.5 for one the parcel
Taking a picture of the product from the parcel$1 for every item
Handing and stopping the package$5 (if payment is not received)
*Packages on our shelves that are unclaimed are held for 30 days, after 30 days they go into Archives for additional 30 Days. After total of 60 days packages are discarded.