Become an agent

  • - Get a new revenue stream
  • - Develop your core business
  • - Get marketing support and training

What are the benefits to become Polonez Agent?

Additional source of income

Cooperation with Polonez enables additional income to you.

Additional traffic to your business

Guaranteed new customers and increasing traffic to your business.

Marketing your business

Your business will be presented on the Polonez website and in social media. We provide the necessary marketing materials.


An easy-to-use, specially designed and built Polonez Program for handling parcels, that automatically gives the price of the shipment in all available shipping options and settles the packages.

Professional service

Our experienced team provide you with the training and client support in all your questions and requests.

Customer satisfaction

We provide fast and safe transportation to 40 countries. Our prices are competitive, lower than other shipping companies.


Who is Polonez Agent?

Polonez agent is a company representative which offers parcel drop-off service or money transfer at their business location.

What are the benefits to become Polonez Agent?

Major benefits for the business owner are

  1. Generate additional revenue for their business. Agents earn commission per kg from each parcel.
  2. Free advertisement. Meest will advertise customer business location, through a variety of channels, such as local media outlets, social media networks, and company web resources.
  3. Drive additional customers traffic to the owner's business location. So, customers can use other services and products offered by the business.

Why customers will use Polonez versus National Post? Is Polonez a new company?

Polonez offers shipping rates that are 30-50% lower than National Post, with delivery terms typically the same or even faster. Polonez is not a new company it is been established in 1989, are currently has more than 200 agents in Canada and US

Polonez America - leader of the shipping market from USA to Poland and 40 other countries